11 Ways to Experience Freedom


Here are 11 ways to experience freedom:

1. Forgive yourself!
You are only striving to be the better version of yourself. Don’t hold onto any guilt from your past. Don’t believe the lie that you are the same person as you were in the past. Every day is filled with forgiveness so don’t hold onto any guilt or shame because you are forgiven by yourself and Jesus Christ. You are new in the name of Jesus Christ.

A wise woman once said, “Dwelling on past bad decisions you’ve made only allows those decisions to keep defining you. Forgive yourself and move on!”

~ Mandy Hale (@thesinglewoman)

2. Build community!
Go out with your friends and build new friendships! Don’t stay locked into the house!

3. Do something that you love!
What do you love to do? What are your hobbies, talents, ideas that you are dying to bring back to life? Do you boo! Read a good book, take a walk, party hard with just dance, shoot a paintball gun, sew a sweater, take pictures! Do you! You’ll be glad you did!

4. Simply love yourself!
The hardest challenge I faced in finding freedom was to love myself. I learned to love not only myself but embrace the woman that I am becoming. There is no reason to hate yourself because you are already forgiven! You are not the same you from yesterday! You are a better version of yesterday’s you. Love who you are and love the person you are becoming! Embrace it!

5. Try something new!
I challenge and double dog dare you to try something new! Get crazy! Get wild! Try painting or take a ballroom class. Take on yoga like you were made to stretch and feel at ease with your inner self. Try a new cooking recipe even if it turns out awful. Color your hair red or style it up with a fresh look. Whatever seems new and outside of your comfort zone, go for it!

6. Smile, laugh, and don’t forget your shiny red lipstick!
Don’t ever stop smiling and laughing even when the day seems tough. You got this! Laughing is good for the soul. You never know who needed to see your smile because they were having an awful day.

7. Journal with your heart!
Pour out your heart through journaling, online blogging, writing out a letter and burn it. Do whatever it takes to release what is holding you back from experiencing the freedom that you are dying to have.

8. Do something nice for someone!
I appreciate every person who was kind enough to pay for my coffee or my lunch. Be that person who gives and serves people anonymously without trying to receive recognition. You never know how much you can affect someone’s day because of your small act of kindness.

9. Write down your dreams and goals!
Go for it! Dream big! Write every dream and goal even if it seems impossible. Nothing is impossible through the name of Jesus Christ. Go big or go home!

10. Be you!
Be you boo! Go out and shine in the world because the world needs more people like you!

11. Don’t forget to celebrate!
Celebrate the freedom that you are experiencing! Pour a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy who you are! Maybe you would like to have a glass of sparkly grape juice and shout for joy! Whatever celebration looks like envision in your mind, do it!

“One of the most beautiful sounds that I have ever heard is the sound of a woman’s voice once she has discovered her true worth. She sounded empowered… She sounded confident… but most of all… she sounded free.”

~ Mr. Amari Soul

Ladies, I am praying for you! I hope you experience freedom in a new light by letting go of your past by embracing who you are today and who you will be. Live in freedom because you are the daughter of the King and have been made new in the name of Jesus Christ. Stand strong and know that you are so loved!

I would love to hear about your freedom experiences and life stories! Please comment below, tweet @jeniferfair or contact me! 




  • Kirsten M
    4 years ago

    I just recently experienced freedom for myself. I was in such a rut for quite a few years. And finally I just listened to the voice in my head to make a change, and so I did. Within two weeks I got a new job in the field I actually went to school for and love it! I also started taking up yoga which is so powerful. It has made me feel more confident in myself and stronger and the yoga community is so welcoming. I’ve gone back to church and joined other groups as well and actually got back into choir. I just know that it was God’s work that has gotten me to where I am today and it feels so good to be FREE!

    • Jen Fair
      4 years ago

      Kirsten, how exciting!!! Wow! I am so excited for you! What is your job? That is such a God moment right there! It is amazing when we start following the path that God takes us on… pretty amazing things happen when you open your heart and experience freedom! 🙂

      • Kirsten M
        4 years ago

        I am a veterinary technician. It can be stressful sometimes but is an absolute rewarding job to have. I had actually given up on becoming licensed as well because I couldn’t pass the test, but decided I needed to try one more time and so I did… I PASSED! I couldn’t believe the drastic change in my life in the past five months. God can do amazing things if you just stop and listen!

  • Jacqueline G
    4 years ago

    Amazing post! You definitely gave me some new things to do. Experiencing freedom is definitely a process, but the end result is always priceless. Praising Jesus for giving you the words, courage, energy, and testimony in order to share His love with others. You are precious!

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