Dear Future Husband


Dear future husband,

I have been the type of girl who has been dreaming ever since I was a little girl about meeting you. I would dress up in my mother’s wedding dress and placed wildflowers in my hair pretending and imagining of the celebration of our wedding day. I would dance and spin for hours throughout the day because I was filled with joy of simply dreaming. I will probably still be like that little girl on our wedding day… just warning you now.

Whoever you are, I am praying for you. I mean this. I don’t know what you look like or what you’re called to do but I believe that God has big plans for the both of us in the season of “us” and out of season through our singleness. I am praying that God is preparing you for our future because let’s be honest… you are going to need to be prepared to live a life with me. I believe in big things that seem impossible in man’s eyes and I hope you do too. I hope your faith is able to grasp that God may lead us into an unknown path but we are able to stand together without being swept away by doubt.

Whoever you are, I hope that you are becoming the leader that you need to be in our marriage and family. I am praying that you have the gift of discernment and able to make wise choices without me having to pester you all the time (because I will do that… a lot). I hope you are able to lead because you are fully led by the Holy Spirit, not by your own flesh.

Whoever you are, I hope you are humble. I am constantly praying for your pride because I know pride can easily distract you from being the man of God that you need to be. Don’t be afraid to be the man who can admit he is wrong. I am praying that you will handle confrontation well and not become defensive if someone calls you out on something that you need to work on. I hope you do not get a big head and show any signs of cockiness because I will probably tell you to sleep on the couch until you get your heart right with Jesus.

Whoever you are, I hope you are the father that our children need in their lives. I will not excuse myself from the mistakes I’ve made because of the lack of a fatherly figure in my life but I do know the importance of a man being in the home. Our children and our home need you. You are the rock of our home. Set standards for our family because I want to see you lead our home and children. Whoever you are, make time for our family because we will only be together for so long and have a short amount of time to instill godly attributes into our children. Be the man who sets time aside to love onto our children. Be the man who takes your daughter(s) on dates and show her what a godly man looks like who will pursue them wholeheartedly. Set the example for our son(s) who will pursue a young woman, one day. BE THAT MAN FOR THEM. Who you present in our home will determine who our children will want to date in the future.

Whoever you are, I am praying that you are able to love unconditionally and not based off conditions. I am praying that you are not a controlling man and definitely not manipulative. I am praying that you have a heart to be faithful; not just to me but to our Lord, Jesus Christ. I know that if you are faithful to Him than you are capable of being faithful to me. I am praying that you have the heart to show love onto others regardless if they have hurt you or what they look like because you have a heart to love others as Christ loves the church. I am praying that you are striving to become like Jesus every day and wherever you go.

Whoever you are, I hope you are growing in the word and taking time from your day to pray about the call upon your life and our future. I desire to be with a man who is spiritual mature and strong in his faith. I am praying that you are not swayed by what others believe because you know who you are in Christ as well as what you believe. I am praying that you always make time for God to speak into you and that you are studying the word of God because you desire to hear Him so strongly.

Whoever you are, I hope you are remaining pure in your mind, body and heart. I don’t care about your past but I do care about who you are now and who you will become. I want our marriage to be holy and pure as well as our family. I want OUR CHILDREN to break any curses that our family and ancestors have made in the past. I want you to know that I am remaining pure for you; not because I have to… but because I want to.  I want to give myself whole, pure, and complete to you on our wedding night and only you forever. I am praying that you are not being swept away by other women who create a lustful image in your heart and mind. I am praying that you do not get caught up by the destruction of pornography and lustful images of sex. Even if you have, I believe that God can heal your mind and heart as long as you are willing to surrender it to Him. Hold tight to your purity. Your purity is a beautiful gift that I cannot wait to receive, one day.

Whoever you are, I am praying for a man who will pursue me (even after the ring) and pray with me. I am praying for a man who spur me on, encourage me and call me out on any crap that he sees that I need to work on. I do not want a mediocre or a counterfeit marriage, I want God’s best. I want the marriage that He has written to align with my calling and destiny as well as yours.

Whoever you are, I promise to be your helpmate and partner in crime. I promise to do the laundry because that is something that I can do without messing up. However, I cannot promise to cook excellent meals because I may overcook or undercook your meals (so you may want to learn how to cook… starting right now). I promise to love you even when you don’t deserve it and pray for you every day. I promise to pester you for attention (meaning: beg you to pitch a tent in our backyard and sleep outside with me). I promise to always strive to be the woman of God that I need to be for our marriage and home. I will always be there for you and be your prayer warrior as well as encourage you to fight when we face hardships together. Whoever you are, I cannot wait to meet you. I believe in you and the call upon your life and our future. I love you already. See you soon.


Your future wife



  • Geoffrey
    3 years ago


  • Shawn hunt
    3 years ago

    I love this!! As a father of two beautiful girls I hope and pray they are doing this very same thing. And it reminded me that I need to be praying for him, wherever and whoever he is.

  • Jona
    3 years ago

    Greetings! Very helpful advice within this article! It is the little
    changes that produce the greatest changes. Thanks for sharing!

  • OlliePEmry
    2 years ago

    Having look at this I believed it was actually very enlightening.
    I appreciate you spending some time and effort to set this short article
    together. I once again find myself spending a significant amount of time both reading
    and leaving comments. But so what on earth, it absolutely was still worth the cost!

  • Gideon Gabaldon
    2 years ago

    One of the most honest and sweetest and humbling letters and prayers I have ever read. Mind-changing and it reaches to the heart. Even though I was not your man, I LOVE it! It’s an evidence of how Gorge-YOU-s and Be-YOU-tiful you truly are!

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